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The Furry Cookbook Portfolio
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This is the community for The Furry Cookbook Portfolio.

What this porfolio is about:
I've wanted to put together a portfolio for a while, & I love to cook, & I love learning new recipes. I'm putting that together with my love of art to create this portfolio.

How can you get in on this:
I'm looking for artists that have a decent grasp on colouring & anatomy. If you think this includes you please cut & paste this & fill it out:
Medium you normally work in:
Samples (provide 2 or 3 please, thumbnails linked to the full sized pictures):

All artists are welcome, no matter what medium you work in.

This isn't a limited space portfolio, as I plan on putting it on CD, so I have LOADS of space for different artists!

Now, Rules:
* Doesn't have to be coloured, but coloured is preferred (unless you're medium of choice is pencil) I don't want any inked drawings with no details though.
* Tasteful nudity MAX
* Your picture must have something to do with the recipe - shopping for ingredients, cooking, serving, throwing a party, eating, etc etc etc
* Please only submit recipes that you have tried (either made yourself or have eaten)
* Include the recipe somewhere in the picture (incorporate it into the picture, or put it on the side or the bottom. It can be added in digitally)
* You can submit more than one picture
* The original picture is yours to do whatever you want with.
& the main rule:
* Must be done by December 31 2006

Everyone who participates will get a free copy of the finished product. :)

If you don't want to draw, feel free to post recipes for us to use! :D
& as soon as you (the artist) picks a recipe, please post & let us know. You don't have to post the whole recipe, but at least post what it's called, as I don't want 20 different recipes for Meatloaf & none for stir-fry. ;)
Check This Post to see what recipes have already been taken.
Also, Recipes that are still up for grabs just in case you can't think of anything ;D

The catagories we'll be covering will be:
* Appetizers/Party Food
* Soups/Stews
* Side Dishes
* Drinks
* Main Courses
* Party-type desserts (like finger foods such as cookies, brownies, candy, etc)

We're not going to be doing desserts like cakes, pies, etc, as they're already covered in Frisket's Cake Portfolio ;)

If there's any problems, contact tiger_melanie or pipkin