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Like A Moth To The Flame War

Recipes that are taken

Here's a list of the recipes that are already taken
It will be updated every chance I get

Appetizers & Side Dishes:
Taco Rolls - Tigers Kitten
6-Layer Dip - Tigers Kitten
Kitty Food - mercae_killar
Pizza Fingers - kappyjeanne
Tuna and cheese toastie - wingedwolf_2004
Cornbread - phreakie_teiris
Cucumber Salad - gothic_meezer
Pasta Salad - Tigers Kitten
Cheese & Potato Slices - foxwolf

Supah cheesy Ramen - Lyenuv
vegetable corn chowder - Kittrel
Split Pea Soup - Pipkin
Chicken Tortilla Chili - bokkaku
Mushroom soup and pasta - wingedwolf_2004

Iced 'T'wist - Tigers Kitten
Chai - Pipkin
Melon Medley - Eosfoxx
Summer Fizz - bokkaku
coffee blast shakes - minuetterai
White Russian - ac_ninja
Mai Tai - Wereguitar
Grasshopper - shadow_5tails
Corpse Reviver - Tigers Kitten
Mulled Cider - redfeatherhusky
Mudslide - rayvenwolffe

Main Courses:
Beanless Chili - Tigers Kitten
Meatloaf - gothic_meezer
Chicken Nugget/Fingers - HollyAnn
Baked pasta in tomato meat sauce - HollyAnn
Gravy Train - Ecco
Chicken Lasagne - quietinfinity
'The Golden Bowl' - Cara Mitten
Chicken & mushrooms - Slushy Puppy
Squash & Chicken - Slushy Puppy
Campfire Pizza - eosfoxx
Walnut Pesto Chicken Pasta - bokkaku
Cream Cheese Chicken - bokkaku
vegetarian chili - minuetterai
Planked Trout - stellie
Swedish meatballs - quoting_mungo
Welsh Rarebit - wingedwolf_2004
Pumpkin Fetticini - darklingmare

Snack-type Desserts
Kahlua Mudslide Brownies - kestral_kitsune
Autumn Harvest Pancakes - Lemurkat
Canadian Beaver Tails - Wereguitar
Candy Cane Cookies - Ecco
Gingerbread - quoting_mungo
Fruit Pizza - rayvenwolffe

If you need help finding recipes, let me know & I'll see what I can do (I love to cook so I've got recipes kicking around all over the place :D)
& sign up for as many as you want! The more the merrier! :)
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