Many many many apologies that finishing the portfolio has taken so long, guys. Life's happened, and while that in itself hasn't taken all my time, my tendency to deal with Life Happening by shirking all responsibilities in order to sulk and/or escape from reality in one way or another has taken care of the rest. Plus I had to learn InDesign. Stupid complimacated layout software.

Final price for the portfolio will be $10 as TK originally intended, due to the turnout being smaller than the signups indicated, if that sounds good to everyone?

I am going to make an optional CD single sleeve and CD label image, but as I'm short on time before a weekend trip out of the country a friend is treating me to, I can't have that ready nownownow. If you want to wait for it I'll try to be done within the first two weeks in March, if you want to provide your own art for those, I can have the PDF out to you now. I will not be available Friday through Sunday.

If you provided art and want me to mail you the PDF, email me at quoting_mungo @ livejournal.com.

Colone Patchwork is LOVE!!!

Name Call!

If you haven't already, please please go to this entry and check to make sure of the following:
1. I have recieved your entry (if it's not listed, I do not have it)
2. I have your name and/or website address down the way you want it (the way it's listed in that entry is how it will display in the final portfolio unless you correct me)

Unfortunately it's not looking like I'll be able to finish up by AC, but still... the sooner I get confirmations from people, the sooner I can get it finished.
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Progress Report

As is wont to happen when dealing with technology, I've been running into a series of hurdles. First life kicked me in the rear and it took me a good while to get my act back together, then I started a new job and had to wrap my head around that, then I managed to toast my graphics card, rendering my computer unusable and all files on it inaccessible until I can get it fixed.

A new card has been ordered, but the website had a fairly wide span on its delivery speed, so I don't really know when I'll be able to get things together. I can't promise 100% I'll have things done by AC, though if I get the darn card on time I'm definitely going to try. Even so, the only thing that would be available by AC would be the files portfolio members can download to create their own CDs; there's no financially viable way of shipping CDs overseas this fast.

Just wanted to let you all know that I've not forgotten about the portfolio, I'm going to finish it ASAP once I have a computer to work with again. If I can get a hold of a camera and our tenant at the same time, the cover and/or label image will be a photo of a (clipped, mind) curly-coated retriever holding a kitchen utensil type thingy. I thought it'd be fitting. I'd put a cook's hat on the dog as well, but I kind of don't have one. :P

If you have finished unsubmitted images, go ahead and submit them. I'll work things out.

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paintshop pro file problem

Stupid me - Ive gotten my recipe image file (without the recipe on it) but its a .psp, the only computers I have access to have photoshop and the image itself is packed in the bottom of a box 1000km away.

Can anyone help me by converting to to a .png or similar so I can get the recipe onto it? Greatly greatly appreciated if you can!!
Gah curse time limits (I can upload it and send you an url Mungo - if I cant make the email deadline)

spit spit spit spit SPIT!!

Future of the Recipe Portfolio

Alright. As userinfotiger_melanie passed on leadership to me, I'm going to try to make the best of this portfolio, and I thought I'd say a few words about how I'm planning to handle things. If you think some part of this is completely outrageous, please let me know and we can discuss modifications to this plan. I'm not going to "charge" anyone anything for the time I put into this project, but I'm not going to pay other people's expenses out of pocket, either.

What this means to you is:
I'll put together the portfolio in PDF format, as TK had planned, and put it on a CD. There will not be a print version this year, at least, because I don't have the resources or time to make that happen at present.
Any participating artist can get however many CDs they want from me, at cost-plus-shipping. By default, I will supply CDs in a simple plastic slipcase and jewel case inserts, as shipping jewel cases tends to result in cracked cases. When the portfolio is finalized and I've burned a couple of test CDs for myself, I'll make a members-only post where people can comment to order their artist copies of the portfolio. I'll then get back to you with what it'll cost you in materials (blank CDs) and shipping.
With Tiger's Kitten's permission, we may need to increase the price for the final portfolio a mite -- the dollar isn't worth a lot at present and shipping and materials would gobble up profits pretty rapidly if we sold the CDs for $10 US -- at least if all the artists on this list get their submissions to me on time. Even just increasing the price by $5 (which is still very reasonable for a CD portfolio, especially if we get all entries in) would make things a lot more comfortable. I'm going to MFF this fall, and those of you who don't mind waiting that long can pick up their CDs there and not have to pay for shipping, instead.

So far, I've got the following pieces:
This list is being edited as I recieve pieces
6 layer dip, Beanless chili, Pasta salad and Iced 'T'-wist from Tiger's Kitten
MaiTai from Wereguitar
Mississippi Cornbread from Teiris
Grasshopper from Shadow 5-tails
Sugared pecans from deathweasel
Kahlua Mudslide Brownies from Kestral
Shrimp Toast from rye_bunny
Chai from Pipkin
Cucumber salad and Meatloaf from Gothic Siamese

Please comment with what you want your name to appear as in the final portfolio, with links to your homepage if you want them. I want to give proper credit and all that. I don't guarantee I'll include webpage links for anyone in the portfolio itself, but I will set up a final artist list with links and all that jazz when the portfolio release rolls around.

Everyone not on the above list, PLEASE email your high-res images to me at quoting_mungo[at]livejournal.com ASAP! The cutoff date for this is the expiration of my paid account in 12 days!

Honestly, if we don't get more images in (the above nine plus my three), I might as well distribute the final PDF file by email to the participating artists and letting you burn your own copies, instead.

Finally, would people like a portfolio for next year? Please note that only community members can vote, and to only vote in the poll if you think you might participate in a second portfolio.
Poll #942367 Recipe Portfolio in 2008?

Should there be another recipe portfolio next year?

Cute TK by TK

Sorry guys

A few of you have gotten your images in, & I want to tell you I appreciate it. I had really high hopes for this project, but unfortunatly it seems that it didn't go the way I planned it.

I don't have the time, nor the money to make anything out of them.
I've been meaning to get back here & try to get people to finish what they've signed up for, but I just havne't had the time.

Comments are screened - if you want to take over the community, put in your name. If you think someone else should take over the community, put in their name
I'll put up a poll in about a weeks time with all the suggested names & let the community vote for the new mod.

Also, please, no selling in this journal. I don't like bringing out the mod stick, but when you post something as off topic as commissions, it's a little disrespectful.

Phew, finished!

I only hope the size is right... I can redo the recipe itself and fit it onto the side somewhere or something if it's the wrong size, though.

Cheesy Mac GrillersCollapse )

What do you think of it? I hope that the picture fits with the recipe...
I'm kinda unsure about how this will be received, really.. ^^;;
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Caution! Pouncing Ahead!

Is it too late?

After some experimentation, I came up with a recipe I can actually call my own and use!
Oh crud, I have two days to do it!
Well, I think I can draw up something nice before then. I already know the recipe, and have an art program on the other computer to check with.

I'm pretty terrible for not working on anything, but the idea came to me after a conversation about the restaurant the "Macaroni Grill" as well as a party in which I served garlic toast grilled cheese sandwiches.
Grilled Macaroni & Cheese, AKA Macaroni GrillsCollapse )

The premise is that the sandwich combines two comfort foods, grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. If you think the macaroni won't have enough flavor, you can add a little something to the sauce to spice it up (Such as pepper or another kind of cheese). This is a very open recipe, and allows you to make whatever alterations you want to for it.

Last issue, does anybody have an idea on the name? I like "Grilled Macaroni and Cheese", but "Macaroni Grills" or "Cheesy Mac Grills" or something sounds good too. Or even "Comfort Food Combos".
Whatever the case, I'll try to have a nice PDF picture ready for submission ASAP. I'll have some time tomorrow, probably.
Wow, I have lots of art to get done in the near future...
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