Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch (quoting_mungo) wrote in recipeportfolio,
Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch


Many many many apologies that finishing the portfolio has taken so long, guys. Life's happened, and while that in itself hasn't taken all my time, my tendency to deal with Life Happening by shirking all responsibilities in order to sulk and/or escape from reality in one way or another has taken care of the rest. Plus I had to learn InDesign. Stupid complimacated layout software.

Final price for the portfolio will be $10 as TK originally intended, due to the turnout being smaller than the signups indicated, if that sounds good to everyone?

I am going to make an optional CD single sleeve and CD label image, but as I'm short on time before a weekend trip out of the country a friend is treating me to, I can't have that ready nownownow. If you want to wait for it I'll try to be done within the first two weeks in March, if you want to provide your own art for those, I can have the PDF out to you now. I will not be available Friday through Sunday.

If you provided art and want me to mail you the PDF, email me at quoting_mungo @ livejournal.com.

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