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Progress Report

As is wont to happen when dealing with technology, I've been running into a series of hurdles. First life kicked me in the rear and it took me a good while to get my act back together, then I started a new job and had to wrap my head around that, then I managed to toast my graphics card, rendering my computer unusable and all files on it inaccessible until I can get it fixed.

A new card has been ordered, but the website had a fairly wide span on its delivery speed, so I don't really know when I'll be able to get things together. I can't promise 100% I'll have things done by AC, though if I get the darn card on time I'm definitely going to try. Even so, the only thing that would be available by AC would be the files portfolio members can download to create their own CDs; there's no financially viable way of shipping CDs overseas this fast.

Just wanted to let you all know that I've not forgotten about the portfolio, I'm going to finish it ASAP once I have a computer to work with again. If I can get a hold of a camera and our tenant at the same time, the cover and/or label image will be a photo of a (clipped, mind) curly-coated retriever holding a kitchen utensil type thingy. I thought it'd be fitting. I'd put a cook's hat on the dog as well, but I kind of don't have one. :P

If you have finished unsubmitted images, go ahead and submit them. I'll work things out.

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