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Future of the Recipe Portfolio

Alright. As userinfotiger_melanie passed on leadership to me, I'm going to try to make the best of this portfolio, and I thought I'd say a few words about how I'm planning to handle things. If you think some part of this is completely outrageous, please let me know and we can discuss modifications to this plan. I'm not going to "charge" anyone anything for the time I put into this project, but I'm not going to pay other people's expenses out of pocket, either.

What this means to you is:
I'll put together the portfolio in PDF format, as TK had planned, and put it on a CD. There will not be a print version this year, at least, because I don't have the resources or time to make that happen at present.
Any participating artist can get however many CDs they want from me, at cost-plus-shipping. By default, I will supply CDs in a simple plastic slipcase and jewel case inserts, as shipping jewel cases tends to result in cracked cases. When the portfolio is finalized and I've burned a couple of test CDs for myself, I'll make a members-only post where people can comment to order their artist copies of the portfolio. I'll then get back to you with what it'll cost you in materials (blank CDs) and shipping.
With Tiger's Kitten's permission, we may need to increase the price for the final portfolio a mite -- the dollar isn't worth a lot at present and shipping and materials would gobble up profits pretty rapidly if we sold the CDs for $10 US -- at least if all the artists on this list get their submissions to me on time. Even just increasing the price by $5 (which is still very reasonable for a CD portfolio, especially if we get all entries in) would make things a lot more comfortable. I'm going to MFF this fall, and those of you who don't mind waiting that long can pick up their CDs there and not have to pay for shipping, instead.

So far, I've got the following pieces:
This list is being edited as I recieve pieces
6 layer dip, Beanless chili, Pasta salad and Iced 'T'-wist from Tiger's Kitten
MaiTai from Wereguitar
Mississippi Cornbread from Teiris
Grasshopper from Shadow 5-tails
Sugared pecans from deathweasel
Kahlua Mudslide Brownies from Kestral
Shrimp Toast from rye_bunny
Chai from Pipkin
Cucumber salad and Meatloaf from Gothic Siamese

Please comment with what you want your name to appear as in the final portfolio, with links to your homepage if you want them. I want to give proper credit and all that. I don't guarantee I'll include webpage links for anyone in the portfolio itself, but I will set up a final artist list with links and all that jazz when the portfolio release rolls around.

Everyone not on the above list, PLEASE email your high-res images to me at quoting_mungo[at]livejournal.com ASAP! The cutoff date for this is the expiration of my paid account in 12 days!

Honestly, if we don't get more images in (the above nine plus my three), I might as well distribute the final PDF file by email to the participating artists and letting you burn your own copies, instead.

Finally, would people like a portfolio for next year? Please note that only community members can vote, and to only vote in the poll if you think you might participate in a second portfolio.
Poll #942367 Recipe Portfolio in 2008?

Should there be another recipe portfolio next year?

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