Like A Moth To The Flame War (tiger_melanie) wrote in recipeportfolio,
Like A Moth To The Flame War

Sorry guys

A few of you have gotten your images in, & I want to tell you I appreciate it. I had really high hopes for this project, but unfortunatly it seems that it didn't go the way I planned it.

I don't have the time, nor the money to make anything out of them.
I've been meaning to get back here & try to get people to finish what they've signed up for, but I just havne't had the time.

Comments are screened - if you want to take over the community, put in your name. If you think someone else should take over the community, put in their name
I'll put up a poll in about a weeks time with all the suggested names & let the community vote for the new mod.

Also, please, no selling in this journal. I don't like bringing out the mod stick, but when you post something as off topic as commissions, it's a little disrespectful.
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