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Is it too late?

After some experimentation, I came up with a recipe I can actually call my own and use!
Oh crud, I have two days to do it!
Well, I think I can draw up something nice before then. I already know the recipe, and have an art program on the other computer to check with.

I'm pretty terrible for not working on anything, but the idea came to me after a conversation about the restaurant the "Macaroni Grill" as well as a party in which I served garlic toast grilled cheese sandwiches.

1 box Macaroni & Cheese and all required ingredients (Or if you prefer, your own style of macaroni and cheese)
1 small block of cheddar cheese (Or whatever you prefer)
1 stick of butter (You need it as a stick to prepare, but won't likely use all of it)
Sliced bread (2 slices per sandwich you plan to make

Prepare the macaroni and cheese as directed or however you like it; Let it cool, and make sure it's not syrupy or saucy.
Slice the cheddar cheese into sticks large enough to make into "walls" for the macaroni. This will vary based on your size of bread; I'll post pictures later.
Heat a frying pan to a low heat and use the stick of butter (Open on one end) as a sort of marker and spread a little butter on the pan.
Place one piece of bread on the buttered pan and arrange the cheese to make a wall on each edge of the bread.
Take a spoonful of macaroni and place it inside the "walls" you just made, and then smooth it out.
Take another piece of bread and place it on top. Let the sandwich sit on the pan until it's the desired color (Often golden brown on the underside).
Lift the sandwich off the pan with a spatula and reapply a fresh coat of butter.
Using TWO spatulas, CAREFULLY flip the sandwich (As the cheese isn't entirely melted and won't hold the macaroni in) and place onto the pan with the uncooked side down.
Let it cook until it's the same golden brown as the other side and then remove from heat. Slice diagonally if you wish and serve.

The premise is that the sandwich combines two comfort foods, grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. If you think the macaroni won't have enough flavor, you can add a little something to the sauce to spice it up (Such as pepper or another kind of cheese). This is a very open recipe, and allows you to make whatever alterations you want to for it.

Last issue, does anybody have an idea on the name? I like "Grilled Macaroni and Cheese", but "Macaroni Grills" or "Cheesy Mac Grills" or something sounds good too. Or even "Comfort Food Combos".
Whatever the case, I'll try to have a nice PDF picture ready for submission ASAP. I'll have some time tomorrow, probably.
Wow, I have lots of art to get done in the near future...
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